Attractive Market Opportunities in the Mobile Tomography Market by 2027

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Tomography has become a vital tool in the diagnosis of many clinical conditions. Mobile tomography systems are portable and serve imaging purpose in multi departments of a hospital with the aim of improving overall clinical experience. These systems are also useful in evaluating critically ill and intensive care unit patients for scanning them at bedside. These mobile tomography systems are useful for a broad range of clinical applications such as cranial, spinal, trauma, ear/nose/throat (ENT), head and neck orthopedic, and general surgery. These type of systems are designed for faster diagnosis and treatment as well as provides optimized workflow and helping in surgical decision making. Mobile tomography systems also does not require major restoration of a preexistent operating room for shielding, or for specialized instruments or equipment. Improved imaging output and various file formats, same day diagnosis, multi departmental imaging systems, real time portable imaging, patient friendly are some of the benefits for these kind of systems.  These days, mobile tomography systems are also getting installed in specialized ambulances which provide fast access for treatment to patients and also allow for selecting the most adequate hospital destinations. One of such example is seen in the Mobile stroke units (MSU) in Germany which consists of an ambulance fitted with a tomography scanner, point-of-care laboratory system with a tele-radiological support.

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Advancements in the biomedical engineering has led to several technical improvisations in tomography imaging systems such as increased speed, smaller weight, low energy consumption, enhancements in low contrast detectability and image superiority along with lower radiation.

Mobile Tomography Market: Drivers & Restraints

Rapid technological advancements, improvement in diagnostic facilities, growing number of diagnostic facilities and demand for high quality of healthcare services supports the mobile tomography market growth. Growing need and acceptance of portable diagnostic systems for multi departmental use also drives the mobile tomography systems market. Regulatory frameworks and lack of adequate reimbursement are major restraints of mobile tomography market. High product cost and only one time installation at one facility lowers its growth rate.

Mobile Tomography Market: Segmentation

Segmentation by Product Type

By Product Type:

  • Low Slice CT Scanner (<32 slices)
  • Medium Slice CT Scanner (32 slices)
  • High Slice CT Scanner (>32 slices)

Segmentation by End User

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Mobile Tomography Market: Overview

Market players in the mobile tomography systems manufacturing recently got approvals for these equipments. The manufacturers are also undergoing product enhancements and strengthening the distribution network for increasing their product sales. Intraoperative computed tomography is also an emerging field nowadays which strives to make tomography scanning systems portable for both the operating room and intensive care situations. A variety of systems are being developed representing the future of intraoperative image guidance. There is also an increased adoption of these systems in various healthcare facilities such as the acquisition of Brainlab’s Airo Mobile Intraoperative CT scanner by 50 hospitals in a span of one year in 2015. Among the end users, these systems are installed mostly in hospitals for serving multi departments and ease of portability. Government support in the installment of these systems also play an important role in the market growth for mobile tomography systems.

Mobile Tomography Market: Region-wise Outlook

Geographically, North America is the leading market for Mobile Tomography systems with the presence of major manufacturers and suppliers for these diagnostic products. As well as, adoption rate for these advanced portable systems is higher in the region. This is followed by the European market owing to the easy approval process and advanced healthcare facilities in these countries. Asia Pacific market is anticipated to the highly potential market for the installations of advanced diagnostic equipments such as mobile tomography systems due to the growing awareness for disease diagnosis, rising number of diagnostic centers and healthcare services. Latin America followed by Middle East and Africa represents the least market share and growth rate in the global mobile tomography systems. Overall, developed economies are more revenue generating segment than the developing countries owing to better healthcare infrastructure facilities.

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Mobile Tomography Market Treatment Market: Key Players

Some of the players in the Mobile Tomography market includes Xoran Technologies, LLC. NeuroLogica Corp., Planmed OY, Brainlab AG, Dixion distribution of medical devices GmbH and others.

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